Concrete Engraving and Staining

What is Decorative Concrete Engraving?

Decorative concrete engraving is the act of remodeling existing or newly cured concrete surfaces by cutting patterns and texture into the surface. Engraved designs and patterns simulate building materials such as brick, tile, stone, pavers or a wide variety of graphic elements. Commonly used as a color separation technique, decorative concrete engraving adds depth and dimension. Although tile-patterned flooring is the most common theme, engraving can also be used to reproduce or enlarge original artistic designs and graphics; restore or redesign vintage concrete projects; or produce specialty textures, logos, symbols, etc. Thousands of patterns are available and the possibilities are endless. Coloring of the cured concrete surface before engraving is typical. This is accomplished by the use of a variety of stains and/or concrete dyes.

Where is it used?

Wherever there is concrete, there is a great likelihood that it can be made more attractive. Residential, commercial, industrial, recreational theme parks, or event center mezzanines, both interior and exterior locations are all excellent candidates for decorative concrete engraving.

Green Benefits

Existing concrete is an "energy bank". Huge amounts of fuel and man-hours are stored within. Existing concrete contains the energy used to mine, manufacture and transport that cement, aggregate and multiple other ingredients. Those ingredients were delivered to an energy-consuming batch plant to be dumped into an energy-spending truck, and transported to a job site where large amounts of fuel were consumed in preparation to place the concrete.

More fuel and man power were consumed to form, pour and finish that same concrete. Decorative concrete engraving allows existing concrete to be remodeled and enhanced which saves fuel, energy and man-power.

Concrete, either new or vintage, can be reused and repurposed more than once before the end of its life.

An Easy choice for Flooring

Decorative concrete engraving and staining is a common sense choice for flooring. Concrete engraving and staining gives results that are unique, artistic and environmentally friendly. It is an economical way to improve property value with instant curb appeal, and is fast, clean and leaves the surrounding area undisturbed. Maintenance requires only a broom or mop, so worry

Since engraving actually becomes a part of the concrete, there is no overlay to chip away, no stones to come loose, and no grout lines for weeds to invade. Ugly, discolored, cracked or repaired concrete is a perfect candidate for a staining and engraving facelift, and new concrete is a blank canvas, ready for your designing pleasure. Engraving is permanent and will last for the lifetime of the concrete.

Whether you are a business person ready to cash in on the marketing potential of having your logo engraved on your doorstep or inside your lobby, or a homeowner who wants to display a team symbol on your basement floor, we can provide you with a personalized template that will make the engraving project truly yours. 


Top 10 Reasons to Consider Decorative Concrete Engraving

  1. Saves time and money - the process uses existing concrete.
  2. Permanent - the pattern will last the life of the concrete.
  3. Transforms dull concrete into art.
  4. Hides and disguises cracks and repairs in concrete.
  5. Projects are completed quickly.
  6. Clean process, especially when compared to other decorative concrete options.
  7. Almost no ongoing maintenance required.
  8. Adds resistance to tire marks, oil stains and other markings.
  9. Does not add thickness to the concrete.
  10. Design possibilities - colors, patterns, custom logos - are nearly limitless.